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For West Midlands birthday party DJs there is only one choice. Whether it’s your birthday or you are tasked with organising the event, the special day only comes once a year – so make the most of it. There’s enough stress related to organising a birthday party especially when that dreaded questions looms – will the DJ turn up? In a career spanning over 20 years Dave Clarke is yet to let anyone down and we won’t be starting with you!

A birthday party can be whatever you want it to be. Every genre of music is available, so if you want to hear it Dave can play it and if it’s a surprise do, we won’t tell anyone. Honest!

We apply the same professional approach that Dave has bought to a stunning radio career. Huge radio brands such as Heart, Galaxy, Free Radio & BBC WM have entrusted Dave to entertain and with this knowledge you know that your birthday is going to be a very happy one.

The look

From a few close friends in an intimate venue to inviting the world along, our equipment will compliment your night. All our light units are intelligent DMX controlled moving heads (the sort of technology that you see on TV shows like X-Factor). We provide ‘wash’ lighting to compliment your theme colours, spotlighting to help embarrass the birthday girl/guy during the happy birthday sing song and breath-taking effects lighting that will really impress your guests. All this is standard on every event.

The sound

Through our superb Traktor play out system your tunes will sound fresh and punchy, especially with our very capable RCF speaker system. From the chilled out atmosphere at the beginning of the evening to the full on hands in the air bit later on, the quality and volume will be perfect.

The feel

Some parties are all about Disco, Motown and 80’s and others are all about a 90’s R&B dance off with some House & Garage thrown in. Heck – some parties are all about it all! We always consult with clients before the event to ensure that the music selection is absolutely perfect.

The logic

With full public liability insurance, PAT (portable appliance tested) equipment and a health and safety risk assessment for every function, we take no chances with your safety or your guests. Every loose cable is taped down, every hot bit covered up, every i dotted and t crossed.

Whether it’s Dave Clarke or your Key DJ, get information on booking your Professional Birthday Party DJ now or call Dave Clarke on 07976 351440 / 0121 688 0845 or e-mail.