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Mobile nightclub is here! Does the phrase ‘mobile disco’ give you an image that conjures up fear? Yes, us too. That old fella rocking the Bermuda shorts and 6 pints of Carling look turning up in a battered old estate car and pulling his antiquated light show out. Then there’s the experience of having to endure muffled old cheesy tunes whilst Mr Double Decks laughs at his own tasteless jokes to an empty dancefloor. There is another option…

With a radio and club heritage of over 20 years Dave Clarke is the exact opposite – a full time professional DJ / Presenter that you can absolutely rely on. Our equipment is more nightclub than mobile disco and themed lighting and crystal clear sound is standard on every gig.

The look

From sharp beams of laser light passing through wisps of smoke and haze to bold wash colours and strobe effects, mobile nightclub is Ibiza at your do! The lighting and effects we use will transform any venue or function room and with excellent partners specialising in the supply of dance floors, up lighting and effects, the sky really is the limit where lighting is concerned. Your nightclub can be as big as you want it to be!

The sound

A nightclub is all about sound but not necessarily volume. Quality, clarion audio is the key and with our Italian RCF speaker arrays you are guaranteed a fantastic sound. We always use Subwoofers (you may know them as ‘bass bins’) to give your audio that punchy sound and to make the floor rumble just a little. Our audio is a million miles from Mr Mobile Disco.

The feel

When the hen do and stag are in Marbella why not replicate the party on the night? Of course Aunty Margaret won’t get Avicii but it’s your do and not hers! Ok, a little ‘across the board stuff’ early on will placate the oldies but why not have a cooler and funkier celebration? With many years of club and specialist radio experience Dave Clarke can mix up a music soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place on the Ibiza terraces. Let us work with you in the planning to get the best results on the night.

The logic

With full public liability insurance, PAT (portable appliance tested) equipment and a health and safety risk assessment for every function, we take no chances with your safety or your guests safety. Of course loud and bright is good but there is a limit and we know exactly where that is.

Ask for a quote or book our Mobile Nightclub to make your celebration special. Call Dave or Kelly on 07976 351440 / 0121 688 0845

Dave Clarke