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Just back from meeting with Lucy and Dan at the gorgeous Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire and I’m very much looking forward to being their professional wedding DJ at Fawsley Hall at the end of March.

I get to play quality wedding venues on a regular basis and I’m proud to be associated with Wroxall Abbey, Ettington Park and Hampton Manor to name just a few. Fawsley Hall is a stunning venue though and can only be described as quite grand. The Hall that greets you on entertering the venue is so large that you can only gape in awe. I’m sure my polite 3 bed semi-detached would fit in the room with roof and all! The snow on the ground only added to the fairytale theme of the venue and the mile long drive up to the hotel gave arrival a feeling of remote romanticism. What a gorgeous place to get wed and party.

Fawsley Hall. Just beautiful!

Lucy & Dan are definitely indie kids and I reckon that there’ll be a fair amount of moshing going on. What better juxtaposition to the surroundings that they’ve chosen for the day (and night!) Fab.

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