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Last Saturday I joined colleagues from Heart 100.7 to scrub cars for charity. Yes, some bright spark thought it would be a good idea to get up early on a cold, damp Saturday morning in Birmingham and wash cars!!

There’s only pics of the kids helping out and none of me actually scrubbing. I did, though. Honest!

Now being a wedding DJ is hardly a physical strain, nor is being a compere or event host; in my Presenter role at Heart I never even have to make my own tea! Imagine the look on my face as car after car rocked up onto the Heart car park for me to rub and scrub.

Ed James and me drumming up business!

Ed James, Steve Denyer & Matt Jarvis all joined in, as did members of the Sales and Programming team. Together we managed to raise nearly £250 for our Have A Heart charity and had a damn good laugh doing it. If you did turn up and let us do an average job of cleaning, thanks very much. Most of the customers had a good laugh with us and I think this underlines our entertainment skills even if the washing ones were none existant!!