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Benny Smyth has a rich pedigree of broadcast experience just like Dave Clarke. Away from radio presentation Benny has been a DJ for over 12 years. Not only is he extremely popular and very, very busy but the proud owner of a stunning light and sound rig. He also used to be a professional wrestler. No, seriously!


“I’ve learned so much about DJing through my radio experience. The attention that I pay to my live shows is akin to that of my on air bits, certainly in terms of production and presentation. With over 12 years of DJ experience I have played many varied events from weddings to birthdays and even a stint in Ibiza. That was a VERY hard 3 months….”

Preferred Gig

“Any big night that has a fun bunch singing and dancing is good with me. It doesn’t matter how that happens, just as long as the punters go out the door singing and home happy. If this doesn’t happen then I’ve not won!”

Music tastes

“Any party where there’s a chance to play some commercial house/dance and a bit of cheeky pop music works for me. Whether it’s Avicii, Katy Perry or Pitbull (yes I’m prone to a bit of Mr Worldwide!) then I’m up for it”.

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