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It was lovely to play for Mick & Mel Long again on Saturday night and their guests had definitely shaken off the January blues to celebrate at the couples wedding anniversary.

The only fly in the ointment was the venue and their parochial view of us, the entertainers. I say ‘us’, I should really say ‘them’. Yes, the cheap, tatty, unprofessional mobile DJ who tarnish our industry with their poor attitude to clients, guests and venues.

My clients were asked to pay a £700 behaviour bond to protect the venue against the likelihood of my volume upsetting the hotel residents! I mean, really, how simple is this? If you’re playing music THAT loud then the guests in the room would be deafened before the occupants of rooms on the 3rd floor started checking out! This has got me thinking. Just maybe there ARE ‘mobile DJs’ who are that poor.

There is a very simple rule of thumb that any professional learns (call it lesson 1) and that is when guests are leaning in to each other and shouting to be heard then the volume is too high. If the DJ can hear conversation over the music (apart from during a background set) then an increase is needed. Simple. I should point out lesson 2 here as well. The person most likely to complain about volume will invariably choose to sit in the chair nearest the speaker! This, sadly, cannot be legislated against 😉

Amateur DJs take note - The volume fader goes down as awell as up.

Needless to say the venue (that shall remain nameless) gave my client back every penny of their bond and there were no complaints at all.

Volume is one thing that sets professionals above the ‘fodder’ and whilst I should applaud the existence of the very cheap mobile DJ (without quantity there will never be quality), I detest being treated as one of them by anyone. Am I a diva?!

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