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Have you heard about the new craze sweeping wedding receptions across the UK? Sack the DJ and hire a Jukebox that plays requests for you and your guests. Sounds fair enough but trust me, this could really ruin your big night.

I had a call from a good friend of mine at 9.45 last Saturday night. She knew full well that I had a night off (given that I was working Friday and Sunday events). The call was an SOS. “Any chance you can get your rig and come and do some music? Our friends have hired a jukebox and the bride is in tears. It’s a crap night”. Erm, no, not really! I don’t do emergency work and to be honest, by the time I’d have been there and ready it would nearly have been time to come home.

So what was the problem and why did it all go wrong? In principle it’s a good idea giving the people the power but just like Communism, some become more equal than others. The best man and groom had over-ride codes to prevent dodgy music selections but they chose to use these over-rides when the dancefloor was busy purely because the style of music didn’t suit THEIR taste! Parochial to say the least.

The first thing you learn about DJing is that you can’t please all the people all the time. Music is subjective and what may be one man’s pleasure is anothers poison. The aim is to entertain everybody throughout the night. It’s an act akin to juggling and you have to keep all the balls moving. A good DJ is an expert at this and the best man, groom or whoever has the control of a jukebox may be an expert in their own field but they are certainly not a DJ.

The same can be said for an iPod wedding. A playlist is fine in principle but what happens when things change as the night moves on? Alcohol changes the atmosphere and music HAS to move with that change. An iPod will also deliver a poor quality sound when amplified through a big system especially when the files are AAC (128 0r 256kbps) files. Euw.

The equipment issue also comes up with these jukebox companies. As well as the sound hardware you’ll be delivered a couple of lights to compliment the music. Big deal. We use an intelligent computer controlled DMX light show with moving head effects and colour washes to match your colour theme. Our lights will make your wedding reception look like it’s being staged in the X-Factor studio, not the function room of the local pub.

Leave it where it belongs – the 1950s.


Leave the jukebox where it belongs – in a bygone era. We always sit down with you before your big night to agree a music plan so on the night it’s all about you, your guests and a bloody good time. No machine can do that.

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