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Every wedding is different. Fact. It’s all very well laying down the best plans by talking through an angle with the bride and groom beforehand, but you never know what is (or who are) gonna pitch up on the night. How true this has proven to be with 3 weddings in the last 7 days.

I love trying to read the crowd and guess what musical genre will suit which guest but last nights do got me stumped. How about the older, sensible looking couple who should be typical Motown fans but asked for Ska and classic reggae? The two girls with proper tatoos, not stamps but rock ‘n’ roll ‘sleeves’ – surely they’ll bounce up and down to The Killers ‘Mr Brightside’? Nope. Not bothered. Love Shack by the B-52’s however. Then there’s the young funky crowd who love Rihanna, Pitbull & Beyonce but can’t hide their delight on hearing Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and run, screaming to the dancefloor.

The most important thing to me is that I can (and did) satisfy the musical tastes of all these mis-fitting characters. Maybe it’s me who’s in the wrong for trying to typecast your wedding guests but it’s a fun game to play. In fact I defy you and your lot to try and make me scratch my head in wonderment any more than I have this week!

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