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When I meet with brides to discuss entertainment there’s always one thing that gets mentioned – the big day diet. Well worry not – I’ve just read today that brides shed more than a stone ahead of their wedding day! How?

According to a study many brides deliberately order a dress that’s too small – to make sure they reach their target weight. Over 50% lose 1st 2lb in the run up to their wedding, while 1 in 10 slim down by a staggering 2st. But things change dramatically after they tie the knot… One in five of the women polled admitted they put the weight back on within the first six months of marriage and 14% said they started piling the pounds back on while they were still on honeymoon. 15% of women even turned to comfort eating because they were so upset that the wedding and honeymoon was over. Oh dear.

So let me get this right – you lose weight, gain 14 stone of male balast and then put more on! 😉

Without blowing my own trumpet I have lost 2.5 stone in the last 3 months so I’ll be happy to pass on any tips. Ok, maybe I should just stick to being your wedding DJ. Contact me here for either!