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Being a 21st birthday party DJ can quite often be an interesting experience. At no other age celebration is there likely to be such a demographic spread with Nan & Grandad, parents, aunts, uncles and friends (some younger – some older) to entertain. With this spread the good old modern music vs oldies argument tends to rear its head with the more mature moaning at the club set and vice versa.

How refreshing it was to play for Sam and her guests last Friday night (at a venue that shall remain nameless) and what a lovely group of people who were satisfied by a good spread of tunes. The old vs new music debate was put away for the evening with a youthful reveller requesting Billy Ocean’s “Love Really Hurts Without You” and the more, ahem, experienced enjoying offerings from DJ Fresh amongst others!

The best part for me was the last hour of the night with me able to roll out my ‘mobile nightclub’ set and really get in the mix with a bunch of late 90’s and naughties dance & R&B classics. So many happy memories of the 7 years I spent on Galaxy 102.2 Breakfast and all loud and in the mix. Mint!

The only fly in the ointment on an otherwise perfect evening was the terrible attitude of the venue towards our mutual client and to us, the entertainers. It would appear from the general attitude of the hosts that us DJs are only slightly higher in the evolutionary chain than dog mess. Given that these people must have to deal with cowboy DJs on a regular basis I do feel for them but please, judge everyone on their own merits. Oh and don’t just turn the house lights on at ten to Midnight. This looks shit on us all. Still – the perfect excuse to play Katy B’s “Lights On” 😉

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