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Forgive me for getting very excited about metal boxes but look at this…

The Aston Martin of flighcases… but with no engine of course…

Yes, you may think it’s just a humble ‘flightcase’ for some new lighting, but look closer… it’s far more than that. It’s got wheels!!!

Can you picture the scene at my next gig? Not only will the loading in and out be easier but it will become proper, actual fun. Of course you need to bear in mind that I’m a man predisposed to wheelie-ing supermarket trolleys in Tesco and having chair races across radio station programming offices.

Can you imagine how fast this little beauty will glide across the floor of a very large function room or event suite with me on top of it? There’ll be screams of yeeee-haaaa and white knuckles aplenty (probably to be followed by a crashing sound and a pile of limbs).

I’d guess that it’d be a good plan to removes the £2000’s worth of lighting that the case holds first? Yup.

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