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On Saturday night I was the 40th Birthday Party DJ for Lisa, Dawn and Nicky at the Land Rover Social Club in Solihull. Huge room, great venue and a few hundred real party people demanding some rather fine 80’s and 90’s tunes. Now, in my humble opinion, any celebration that results in Animal Magnet’s ‘Welcome To The Monkey House’ being played to a bunch of pogo-ing 30-somethings in posh frocks, is always a good ‘do’ to be involved with! It was the mud shower that followed that was a little different…

This morning (Sunday 21st March) I took Kel and the boys to Mallory Park in Leicestershire to enjoy the Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championships. Although I’m a mad keen biker I tend to do most of my two wheeled activities on tarmac and I have little experience of Motocross.

With the sun out and under mild blue skies the atmosphere couldn’t have been better. We got soooo close to the action that we did actually get a mud bath!

Look at the mud flying off these boys…

You can probably tell from George and Bill’s reaction to their mud bath that the action is VERY close.

…and the mud flying OVER these boys!

What struck me was how close you could get to the action in the paddocks.

Bill got invited to try a Kwak for size. A little too big, me thinks!

I’ll bet Kwik-Fit couldn’t do a clutch change this quick!

 I shall do Motocross again for sure. The action is thrilling and you can get up close and personal to the racing. The kids stood agape at the derring-do of the (often very young) riders, airborne to the limit of their machines.

To get this high I’d be on a Britsh Airways flight…Look!

Clearing the trees…

This one has seriously made me consider putting the headphones down and becoming a sports snapper ;o)

So I’m a little biased but two-wheeled motorsports  are so much fun and the kids love a day out at the track. Chuck in a dodgy burger for lunch and an ice-cream chaser; and Bob’s yer Mother’s Brother! I understand that this is a new track at Mallory Park (for so long a bastion of road racing) and this event deserves to take off. Easy access through beautiful countryside, ample car parking, great vantage points and a quid for a cup of coffee. Add to this the family admission of £45 and it really is a win-win.

Right, off for a bath to wash the mud out of where my hair should be!